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About The Fearless Four! (2/?)

Previous Entry The Fearless Four! (2/?) Jun. 24th, 2011 @ 09:53 pm Next Entry
Title: The Fearless Four!
Character(s): Tyson, Kai, Rei, Max, and others (Hilary, Tala, Lee, etc.)
Pairing(s): None
Rating: T
Summary: POST CANON - The most chaotic idea Tyson's come up with yet: "Hey, since we're all attending the same college, wouldn't it be fun if we crashed together? It'd be just like old days!" Watch as four college boys turn an entire city upside down.
Link: « Great, » Kai said, « You can start with the laundry. Then you can clean the bathroom upstairs. » Hilary sputtered: « E-Excuse me?! Do I look like your maid, Kai? Do I? » Kai's voice floated back: « Not really, but you can be one if you'd like. »
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