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Fanfiction: Mix Tape Apr. 13th, 2009 @ 05:52 pm

New fic ahoy!

Fandom: Beyblade
Genre: Humour
Characters: Kai and Max
Rating: K
Length: One-shot
When Kai receives a tape from Max, he has a horrible suspicion that it's a mix tape... and that can only mean one thing. Or can it?

Sometimes when someone's got a crush on you, they make you a mix tape, to give you a clue...
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Man, am I so good... Mar. 20th, 2009 @ 07:04 pm
I lost a fic again. Tyson was kidnapped by Boris during war, Tala almost died and was finally made into full cyborg and Tyson was have to have new body... It was Tyson/Kai pairing. I really should keep track where I read those. Honestly. Does anyone know this? Because I just couldn't find it. I forget the title first, then where I found it.
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My Fanfiction Jan. 11th, 2009 @ 05:59 pm

Well I was finally convinced to make a community for my fanfics as Duo Yuy-Chang as well as LilRand0m_Chik. 

I'm about to put up the fics I had on my ffnet fics (though I still need to update and also fix silly things like grammar and format problems). So far I have Thy Heart Shall Bleed (Gundam Wing), but I will put up the others as well. =]. Such as my Rei/Max called Vampire Attitude. Thank You. 

Just telling you all that. 

LINK: Duo Yuy-Chang

Fellas, I have a problem. Again. Dec. 31st, 2008 @ 10:12 pm
This time the problem is my roleplaying forum ReKaYu. We lost our Kai -player, who won't be returning due personal problems, and now we need a new one. Of course other characters are available, but they are still limited. moon_arena and I can't save everything, as she has Rei and I have Tala and Bryan (out of character...) ((Hey, I'm trying!))

The forum is half in Finnish and half in English, and we both are Finnish, so we apologize our mistakes. If you think that you can dive in Kai's personality and get the best out of him, please contact me. Or if you have the Tyson-groove, Kenny-computerskills or Max-sugarhigh, feel free to poke me. Kai is still no. 1 priority.

I try to answer your questions as well as I can.

I apologize if this didn't quite fit to this thingie.
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Dec. 27th, 2008 @ 05:59 pm
Today I read some fanfiction yaoi of beyblade and I wanted to re-read my favourite fanfic.
Usually I read it on fanfiction.net and the title is Impossible love or something like it. I don't remember the author and... I can't find it!
I'm desperate because I really love that fanfic. The story is about Rei and Bryan. The Demolition Boys have to hide after the first tournament and Tala is temporary blind. Kai, Tala, Ian, Rei, Bryan and Spencer go to live together for some time. It's a KaiTala and ReiBryan and the author made also a little sequel about the reactions of Rei's friend to his relationship with Bryan.
;_; Please help me.
Other entries
» looking for fics
Hi all, i've been looking for a couple of fics and can't find them -

1. I think it's called demolition pack which has an OFC and Kai as kinda ninjas and a contest at the end involving things like running platforms and the like. It's a Kai/Rei fic but if anyone knows where i can find it i'd be greatful cos i've been trying to find it for weeks.

2. is a slightly darker fic, Mariah rapes rei and he has to spend time with the white tigers after the tournament in russia which eventually ends up a kai/rei fic. it also has a sequal where mariah gets out of an institute.

Can anyone help me out?
» I lost a good fic, please help.
I vaguely remember reading a fic which was set right after the first season. Boris beated the Demolition Boys up, Spencer was almost blind. He patched them up to the ceremony, trying to restore Spencer's eyesight and patched Tala up, Bryan had severely broken ribs... Then Kai got kidnapped... By Voltaire, I think. Bruce saved Tala I guess (later), Bryan had collapsed in the middle of the ceremony, Tala was forced to lure Kai straight to the evil guys' hands with Wolborg...

I can't remember where I found it, what was the name of the fic and who wrote it. I have too many places to look for, does anyone happen to know this fic?
» BeyBlade Anonymous (Kink) Meme is here!!
 Yeah. Not much action has been happening in my other memes, so I decided to make another one. =3


If you aren't sure what a Meme is, someone requests a pairing with a kink (mine also allows non-kink situations, so like fluff), and some replies with a little scene/drabble/spoof of what the requester wanted. 
All of this is Anonymous!!

You can request any pairing that you like and any kink/situation that you want. 
So please read the rules and instructions inside the link, and you will NOT be disappointed. =]

Thank You. 
» Fics, fics, plenty of fics.

Here are my fics, I have written them after in like, two months or so. After I joined this place. Here you go, read and review!

My first and probably worst Beyblade fic...

Why? is one of those fic I just wrote... I mean, without thinking much.

If you wanna crazy fic.. Here you go. Rated for some swearing.

Disturbing to wake up with this in your head...

I have specialized to songfics, I presume. My fiiiirst angst!

Another disturbing fic...

I'm also making an advent calendar!!! Will be posting it everywhere!

» Tundra and Water chapter 1

Title: Tundra and River
Chapter: 1
Author: Ruskaja
Disclaimer: I do not own Beyblade. I only own the OC's. And I don't own the songs used in this fic.
Teams involved (OC teams too): Bladebreakers, The Majestics, Blitzkrieg Boys, All Starz, Barthez Battalion, Justice 5, Fourth Wind (might change, OC), Sayonara Sisters, (OC)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slight yaoi, a little bit swearing, violence. Will be informed along each chapter.
Summary: River flows through the tundra. Does it freeze or melt away the ice?
A/N: Well, no beta so don't shoot me. Yet. Feedback?

( Fake cut to my Library once again)
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